Refresher Course

Why Do You Need a Refresher?

There are plenty of reasons for needing a refresher course. If you're an elderly person, you may need to brush up on some skills. Sometimes you do not drive for a while and you may have forgotten some of the rules and laws. Or maybe you have moved from overseas and need to learn the ropes.

We Have Specialised Teachers

Whatever your reason is for needing to take a refresher course, Roadwise is here to provide that service for you. We have instructors specially trained to teach this type of lesson. There's no need to worry while we're around because we have the experience required to teach what you need to learn.

We Will Give You a Free Quote

It's normal to need to budget your expenses, and driving lessons are not excluded from that. Fortunately, Roadwise offers free quotes to our customers so you can plan for the future. There's no obligation when you request a quote. You can start planning when you give us a call. We always pick up.

Our Instructors Provide the Friendliest Service on the Sunshine Coast

Need to Brush Up Now?

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